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SafeHaven Pest Control provides a variety of home service plans.

Great attention is given to both your home and to preventative measures to ensure we deal with an issue before you may even know it exists. We offer a number of service plan options to fit your needs.

Introductory Consultation & Treatment

During our initial visit, we'll assess all of your pest control needs with special consideration for your children and pets. We will address all interior issues as well as outdoor pests within a 10-foot perimeter of your home's exterior.  We will also treat for pest issues during this initial visit. Our initial visit is $150.

All services and payments plans are subject to sales tax.

Quarterly Pest Service

This is our most popular service program. Our Quarterly Service Plan is both the best treatment plan for good pest management and also the best value for most households. We provide treatments to your home approximately every 90 days to ensure common pest problems are addressed.

Pests we treat for indoors include all species of cockroaches, odorous house ants, pharaoh ants, silverfish, scorpions, spiders and seasonal invaders. 

Outdoors, we'll treat for fire ants, crickets, wasps, centipedes, millipedes and seasonal invaders.

We will always be on the lookout for Termites, Carpenter Ants and Rodent activity. Your technician can often treat for these pests at the time of service or provide you a plan of action to ensure your home stays pest free. Please review our Rodent page for specifics. For termite prevention and control please review our Termite page.

When you sign up for Quarterly Service, your payment for your Introductory Consultation & Treatment is applied to your plan and you'll save $75 annually.


Easy Plan:  Our Quarterly Service is charged to you in 12 payments of $39.58/month.  That's an additional $50 savings off the Quarterly Service Plan, plus you get to spread the cost over an entire year.

Pre-Pay: Pre-pay in full for your Quarterly Service plan at your first visit. Pre-pay saves you a total of $150 off our regular treatment cost.

>> Contact SafeHaven about Quarterly Service today.

Our Warranty

Our goal is for you to be completely satified with the work we do for you. When you join our Quarterly Service program, you can call us anytime to come back to your home to address any of the common indoor/outdoor pests typically covered in the plan.

As Needed Service

Not ready to commit to a service program? No problem! Give us a call anytime for As Needed service. Each visit is $150 plus sales tax. As a word of caution, the longer a pest problem goes untreated, the more it costs (both in time and money) to correct it. So if you notice an issue give us a call right away!

>> Contact SafeHaven about As Needed Service today.

Great baits for a mouse trap
  • a stretched out cotton ball (on the trap trigger)
  • a piece of frayed hemp twine (tied onto the trap trigger
  • a piece of chewing gum foil (wrapped around the trigger)

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