Watch some fun and informative videos to learn more about household pests and other insects.

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Mosquito Backpack Sprayer

Here at SafeHaven, we use both green and conventional methods to control mosquitoes in your landscape. We often use a backpack sprayer so that we can directly target the areas in your yard where the mosquitoes like to hide during the day. Every wondered what this kind of treatment looks like? Check out this video.

Mosquito Larvae in Water Drain

See those wigglers? Those are mosquito larvae. All it takes is a tiny bit of water for mosquitoes to breed. Drain tiles like these, which move water through landscapes, are the perfect place for mosquitoes to breed in secret!

Here at SaveHaven, we employ the Sentricon Bait system for termite control and eradication. Years of research, testing and practical application have proven this to be the most effective and environmentally responsible termite treatment on the market. No chemicals sprayed around your home or property, no drilling in your floors, no destroying your landscaping.

Learn more about how destructive termites can be and what it can cost you!

The Sentricon® System: Death to the Termite Queen

Learn more about how termites work and why we need to take out the queen with our Sentricon system.

3D Comparison of the Sentricon System and Liquid Termite Treatments

See how our Sentricon System works and learn the differences between Sentricon and other liquid treatments.

Ensign Wasp

Ever seen this intimidating critter and wondered what it was? It's an Ensign Wasp! But don't worry, it won't sting you. It will, however, lay it's eggs inside the egg cases of cockroaches. It's a beneficial parasitic wasp!

Ant Odors

Argentine ants, which are dark brown to black in color, give off a musty odor when crushed.

Find more useful information in our Bug School.

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