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Common Pests

View some of the more common pests we see around your homes.

Biting Pests

These critters can take a bite, or a least a pinch, out of you!

Destructive Pests

These critters will take a bite out of your home!

How Do Animals Invade Your Home?

A cat or opossum has been using this hole to gain access to under a house. Using the crawl space has it's new home. Next comes a flea problem inside the house as well as in the yard. Nothing good comes of animals living in your house.

Are You Growing More Mosquitoes?

Are you growing your own new crop of Mosquitoes? All it takes for mosquitoes to breed is a tiny bit of standing water. Be sure to empty out plant trays!

Fungus Gnats Invade!

Fungus gnat infestations in your home can be incredibly frustrating. Often, the enter through gaps in old window. They are also commonly found in moist potting soil of indoor plants.

Termite Shelter Tubes

Termite shelter tubes inside a building.

Dead Wood Attracts Termites

Dead wood is the original food source for termites. Thus, their attraction to wood structures. Termites enter buildings through wood in direct contact with the soil. Therfore, it’s important to keep any wood parts of your structure away from direct soil contact.

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