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Mosquitoes are still flying!

November 6, 2014

Because of the mild fall weather, we're still being bothered by mosquitoes here in Dallas.

If you're having a party or just like to hang out in your backyard a lot, consider our Green Mosquito treatments. Made from botanical extracts, the treatments are effective and even smell nice!  Here is a testimonial we received yesterday about a recent treatment we applied for a customer's Halloween party:

"Man, that treatment was awesome.  I know it doesn't last forever, but the people that hung out at my Redneck Halloween all commented, "Hey man, no mosquitos this year!" I went out that AM and saw several, but zero that night. Great job!  What's the scent that it leaves behind?  We couldn't tell what it smelled like, but it was nice. Thanks again man.  Next year you need to stop by for a Shiner by the fire. "  Trey in Dallas

The products we use containe extracts from rosemary and lemongrass plants, hence the nice scent. We're glad Trey and his guests got to enjoy his party mosquito free! We're still applying mosquito treatmetns this fall so if you find yourself being bugged, give us a call today!


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Mosquito Facts

Male mosquitoes feed primarily on pollen while only females take blood meals from people and animals.

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