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Fruit Flies: Tips for Eradicating This Persistant Pest

October 28, 2014

Frustrated by fruit flies? We have a few solutions to try!

Are Rats or Mice Camping in Your Attic?

October 14, 2014

Mice & rats have their differences, but we'd rather see neither in our home!

Fly Infestations Are Just the Worst…

October 7, 2014

There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a nice dinner on the patio only to be bombarded by flies landing on your food.

Leaf Cutter Ants

Texas has a species of leaf cutter ants called Atta texana whose underground colonies can extend for acres. These ants are farmers and feed on the fungus spores they cultivate on the leaf pieces they cut.

Find more useful information in our Bug School.

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From the gallery Termite Shelter Tubes

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