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Pest Control Technicians and Apprentices: Positions open 10/14/14


You are confident and able work as an individual to solve and perform pest control services. You’re skilled at identifying specific pests and their activity and you have desire to keep learning. You understand how to properly apply registered pesticides. You’re comfortable working in tight, dusty and smelly crawl spaces or attics, because you know you need to go where the pests are to solve our client’s pest problems.  Because you’re not squeamish, you don’t have any problem removing dead animals and rodents when necessary.

You’re just as comfortable with people as you are pests. You manage your own selling or up-selling to customers while at their home and other company marketing efforts. You stay on top of your sales goals with management keep the lines of communication open. Estimating job costs and turning around quotes to customers is quick work for you. You’re comfortable negotiating contracts and preparing bids for customers. Because you’re an excellent multi-tasker, you’ll stay on top of your paper-work and customer follow up without supervision.

You understand that your primary customer is a busy woman who wants her home clean and pest-free. You know that your first goal is to always make the customer feel comfortable and develop a relationship of trust. That also means you never show up to her door looking messy, dirty or smelling like smoke (non-smoking a must). You arrive clean-shaven and always cover your shoes to make sure you don’t damage her floors or carpet. You know that just one roach is one to many; so you’ll never minimize her pest concerns, no matter how small.

You stay on top of customer satisfaction by supervising and checking in on crew work and evaluating finished jobs. Customer complaints? They don’t scare you; in fact you see them as an opportunity to make improvements and solidify customer loyalty. You follow up quickly and make sure the customer is taken care of.

Your industry certifications are up to date and you actively participate in professional, trade and civic organizations and events when appropriate. You always represent yourself and the company in the best light. If you don’t yet have experience in the pest control industry, but you have a desire to learn, please apply and make your case!

Contain Your Grain

Storing broken grain products (flour, cornmeal, pasta) in sealed containers greatly reduces your chance of a stored product pest problem.

Find more useful information in our Bug School.

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